Ep 45: This is The Birth I Wanted

Show Notes:

Preparation for childbirth:  Did you take it seriously?  Now, don’t get me wrong.  This certainly does not look the same for everyone.  For many, it’s a formal class.  For others, however, it can be as simple as a grounding mantra.

“This is the birth that I wanted.”  Alla remembers reciting these 7 words to herself each time she would feel any sense of nervousness over her upcoming homebirth.  She knew she could do it—after all, she had given birth before in the hospital, and quickly at that.

But this phrase helped her maintain a mindset of both gratitude and positivity.

Alla was grateful to have a homebirth.  In fact, when she mentioned the idea to her husband for the first time, he thought the idea was ridiculous.  Giving birth at home?  When there’s a perfectly good hospital down the road?  No thank you.

But Alla persisted.

After bringing up this whole “homebirth thing” several times, Alla’s husband decided it’d be worth discussing with their midwives (these midwives work in both the hospital and home setting).  After the meeting, he was on board.  They were doing it—they were having a homebirth.

In the end, their second daughter entered the world beautifully.  And now?  Her husband is the first to exclaim the benefits of homebirth! 

Alla mentioned several amazing benefits of homebirth:  The peacefulness of giving birth in your own home, the beauty of having a small and loving support team to help you settle in (and even troubleshoot) postpartum, and the cleanliness compared to the massive amounts of bacteria and infection that can be found at the hospital.  All incredibly valid reasons to just stay home!

Homebirth.  It has a way of drawing us back in.  Alla admits that because of their beautiful birthing experience, the idea of another baby isn’t such a bad idea…


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