Encore: Birthing Instincts With Dr. Stu

The wait is almost over, are you ready for the Fall2023 season of Happy Homebirth?

Join me from your favorite podcast platform on September4 for our first brand new episode and mark your calendars for September 18, when my husband and I will be sitting down to tell all about our most recent birth experience.

 It is completely unlike our previous experiences, and you don’t want to miss it.

What do Obstetricians have to say about homebirth?  Well, the one we’re speaking to today certainly has some opinions that may surprise you in the best way.
This week, we’re speaking with the incredible Dr. Stu Fischbein, a homebirth-attending Obstetrician, founder of Reteach Breech, and one of the two lovely co-hosts from the ever-inspiring podcast Birthing Instincts.
In this conversational episode, Dr. Stu, as usual, holds nothing back and shares his opinions regarding the current state of the medical oligarchy and how the last two years of pandemic chaos have exposed the realities that have existed for a long time, how this encroaches on midwives, mothers and people as a whole… and we discuss the responsibility that each one of us can choose to take in regards to our own health.
He shares the massive shifts in perspective that he’s had over his career in terms of how maternity care should be managed, or better yet left alone, and he unabashedly shares his thoughts on the Covid, the vaccine and more. 
Episode Roundup:

  1. 10 or so years into his career, Dr. Stu made a choice. He decided to recognize the fact that the way he’d been caring for patients did not align with the new knowledge and perspective that he was gaining. Honestly, it could have been a lot easier, a lot more comfortable for him to have stuck his head in the sand, continued down the ol’ path of typical obstetric care and never be faced with the discomfort of change. I’m so grateful that he didn’t do that.
  2. It’s important that we listen to medical professionals–who have seen how things work on the inside– when they share that things are often not done for the best interest of the patient. Of course, I’m sure many of this know this, but experiential knowledge is a whole other kind of knowledge.  Dr. Stu was pushed out of his hospital position and privlidge because he wouldn’t cow to the mainstream model.  How frustrating to hear that those who DO truly care for the patient are often the first ones to be removed.
  3. And finally, let’s end on something to consider and meditate on:  You, the mother, should be the one deciding the risks you are willing to take.  Yes, it is incredible to have trusted advisors and providers, but the authority of how and where and with whom you give birth should remain in your hands.  You have options.

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