Ep 234: Making Birth Choices From a Place of Empowerment with Leigh Anne McGiff

Making Birth Choices From a Place of Empowerment with Leigh Anne McGiff

How do we respond to the unexpected? We know we can’t control all of the circumstances of life, but what do we do when we’re faced with new choices that must be made?

This week, we’re speaking to my friend and Homebirth Collective student, Leigh Anne. Leigh Anne will be sharing about her two birth experiences and how she and her husband Colton were able to navigate “game time” decision-making in a way that led to a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Before we jump in, I want to encourage you to consider joining The Homebirth Collective, which is currently open for self-study. Throughout her story you’ll hear the lessons that Leigh Anne learned inside of the program, and I am so grateful to hear how beautifully she was able to apply what she learned to her experience and her perspective of that experience, even now. If you want learn how to prepare for your homebirth, yes, but you also want to take seriously this transition into or back into motherhood as the sacred right of passage that it was always meant to be, join me inside today. Click the link in the show notes, and don’t forget to use the code PODCAST for 10% off at checkout for being such a dedicated supporter of the show!

Episode Roundup

  1. Leigh Anne and Colton were confident and excited in their decision to give birth at home from a logical standpoint, but this didn’t mean that there weren’t mental aspects that had to be considered and dealt with during the end of her second pregnancy. Leigh Anne had loving, well-meaning family around her who were truly concerned for her decision to give birth at home. I loved how Leigh Anne was able to consider the WHY behind the actions and feelings of the people closest to her. Listen, not everyone is going to agree with your choices in birth…. just as they won’t for the rest of motherhood. It comes with the territory. But being able to pull the positive meaning from something without changing your own decisions is an incredible skill, and Leigh Anne showed that quite gracefully.
  2. Some of us KNOW that we’re homebirthers well before we get pregnant. We’re confident, we’re on fire and ready to go. On the other hand, some of us are more tentative. Maybe we see the benefits and accept them, and yet we still have aspects to work through. You’re both welcome here. My prayer is that you’ll gain courage and encouragement through these stories, yes, but even moreso my desire is to serve you on a deeper level by being able to walk through preparation with you. Whether that’s in Happy Homebirth Academy or The Homebirth Collective, my desire is to have you excitedly anticipating the experience that is to come.
  3. And finally, decision-making. My friends, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We can’t control every outcome. We can, however control our mindset. We can control how we make decisions. When we remember that we ALWAYS have a choice and we GET to make the choice that’s best for us, even if it doesn’t feel like a super fun choice– like transferring care to a new provider 8 weeks before birth, or transporting to the hospital when we have extended fetal heart decelerations– we still get to decide what we’re going to do. And when we can OWN that choice, we are able to maintain our agency in the situation. We can look back confidently on our choices and feel proud of what we did with the information we had. Just like Leigh Anne and Colton.

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