Ep 253: Finding Joy While Experiencing Secondary Infertility with Shyla Brown

What happens when becoming pregnant goes from being quick and easy to long, emotional and difficult?
This week, we’re speaking with Shyla Brown, a mother of 4 babes- 3 of whom were born at home. We’ll walk through Shyla’s experiences of pregnancy, which range from fast and unexpected to long-awaited while she struggled with secondary infertility. Shyla will share what she learned from that experience and the pelvic therapy that made SUCH a massive difference for her. And for those of you who are interested, that information is in the show notes, so go check it out!
Shyla was a student of mine inside of The Homebirth Collective while she prepared for her fourth baby. While she’d already had 3 births under her belt, Shyla knew that she wanted to re-enter birth and motherhood differently– more sacredly– this time around. And that’s where the HBC came in. If you’re looking to prepare for both your homebirth and the deep foundations of your sacred motherhood experience, I hope you’ll join me inside of The HBC. The link is in the show notes, and you can use the code PODCAST for 10% at checkout.
Episode Roundup
What an incredible journey Shyla has been on. As we head into this week’s episode roundup, I want to focus on the hope and joy that came alongside the pain of Shyla’s struggle with secondary infertility. She did not give up on her dream of more children, she continued to learn and search, and she found such an amazing resource. There was so much pain in the losses she experienced, both of babies and her father, but there was a rainbow, indeed. And even moreso, I love that Shyla, CONTINUED to focus on her emotional healing after her third birth. When she became unexpectedly pregnant with Ulysses, baby #4, she knew she needed to take her mental and emotional preparation seriously, and that’s exactly what she did inside of The Homebirth Collective. She didn’t have to bring the hurt and sadness of her previous experiences into her birth, and that made all the difference.

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