Ep 256: From Changing Care Providers to Midwife Continuity with Shayna Piva

Have you ever felt like you were seeing a revolving door of different doctors throughout your pregnancy? HOW can you feel confident and comfortable with the provider if it just. keeps. changing?
This week we’re speaking with Shayna- a mother to two precious boys, one born in the hospital and one at home. We’ll hear how Shayna dealt with switching doctors in her first pregnancy, and how a revolving door of doctors in her second pregnancy sent her seeking the continuity and CARE of a midwife.
As you prepare for YOUR homebirth, I want to remind you that my desire is to serve you as deeply as possible. While so many mothers gain so much from this podcast, a totally free resource, I know that many of you are seeking deeper preparation. That’s exactly what we do inside of Happy Homebirth Academy and The Homebirth Collective. I give you a clear-cut framework for preparing for your homebirth, or preparing for your homebirth AND the transformation into motherhood. No wondering if you have what you need. No stone goes unturned.
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Episode Roundup
How amazing was that? As we head into this week’s episode roundup, I want to ask you- how do you think it impacts our transition into motherhood to be supported continuously by the same person, or the same small group of people, as opposed to a massive conglomerate of doctors who may or may not know anything about you?
I think we can all agree that the sacredness of this transition into motherhood is deserving of respect and individualization. Without continuity of care, it’s sure hard to truly receive either. If you’re on the fence about how you want to give birth, keep this in mind as you consider your options and seek care.

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