Ep 257: From Questioning Yourself to Questioning the Birth System with McKenzie Ulmer

What does it look like to take charge of your birth experience after a previously disempowering one?
This week, we’ll be speaking with McKenzie, a mother to two children and student from The Homebirth Collective–with two very different pregnancy and birth stories. We’ll learn how McKenzie’s first pregnancy and birth laid a groundwork for questioning herself, yet how that’s absolutely not the end of her story– and what she did to change her experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Episode Roundup
The way that we feel about ourselves and our experience in pregnancy is extremely related to our birth experience, our postpartum and our motherhood journey. McKenzie’s pregnancy with her daughter Cora involved care providers who left her feeling uncertain about herself, her decisions, her ability to give birth and mother her baby…. all of this dynamic was already in play before she even headed to the hospital to have her baby. When the nurse asked, “do you want to try to push?” Her mind immediately began to question, “Well, should I? Surely someone should tell me…” This type of care is so common, and I truly believe that it leads so many mothers to question themselves on all kinds of matters when the truth is that YOU KNOW. You know your body and baby more than anyone else ever could. You are not a small piece of this puzzle… you ARE the puzzle. When McKenzie switched to homebirth and midwife-attended care with her second child, she began to truly embody this reality, which led to starkly different choices, feelings, and experiences. She shared how because of where she is mentally and in her heart, she’s able to navigate through the challenges of motherhood with more grace, ease and fluidity than ever before. It’s amazing to hear such an undeniable change.

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  1. Victoria Hedrick on December 10, 2023 at 10:29 pm

    I loved hearing this story!!!! So encouraging and helpful to hear another mama in my area finding good midwife care. I’d love to connect with McKenzie as I live in Radford which is not too far from Blacksburg, VA. Anyway, if there is any way that you could pass on my email to McKenzie, I’d appreciate it!