Ep 260: A Failed Epidural and a Victorious Homebirth with Brianna Peters

When you’ve had a hospital birth but your epidural failed, why not bring it on home for baby #2? 
This week we’re speaking to Brianna, who did just that– decided to head home after the frustrating experience of a failed epidural. We’ll hear how she was able to tap into her intuition and her primal instincts to make her homebirth a wonderful success.
Episode Roundup:

  1. Brianna experienced the intensity of labor with her first birth, as her epidural migrated and failed. Because she had expected to HAVE the epidural to cope, she struggled through her active labor and transition. However, what I find amazing is that when she gave birth at home, pain was a non-issue. Simply having coping skills available to her and knowing how to let her body do the work allowed her to experience a FUN, joyful birthing experience.
  2. I also loved the way that Brianna invited her daughter, Ella in to her birth experience with her second baby. Ella was able to come in and see her mother give birth to her new baby sister. Brianna mentioned that she hopes her daughter will remember this experience, and I agree. I want to encourage those of you who have young children at your births to remember to tell them the story! Turn it into family lore! My daughter tells me little details about the time that she watched me give birth to her baby sister. “Remember when I tried to get in the pool,” she’ll say. Now, whether or not she actually fully remembers the event itself or the retelling and retelling of it– does it really matter? In her mind, it’s solidified as a beautiful, joyous strong experience. We have the ability to use storytelling to help our children understand the beauty of birth, whether they fully remember or not. Honestly, whether they’re even present or not!