Ep 263: VBA3C?! You’re Not High Risk Until You’re High Risk with Jan DeAngelo

You can’t have a homebirth after 3 c sections, pre-eclampsia and being a “geriatric pregnancy”, can you?
This week, we’re speaking with Jan DeAngelo, 43 year old mother of 4 babies who changed EVERYTHING in between her third and fourth births. We’ll hear how she took control of her care and her family’s wellbeing, and gave birth with confidence to her most recent little one.
Episode Roundup

  1. You’re not high risk until you’re high risk- Jan’s midwife said this, and I find it such a beautiful way to approach each pregnancy individually. She wasn’t focusing on the past, but looking at Jan and her pregnancy NOW. Instead of forcing fear and uncertainty onto her client, she trusted her abilities as a care provider, yes, but more importantly– she trusted Jan’s ability to give birth.
  2. Your mindset plays such a role in your birth. As we shared, in the past, Jan’s doctors pathologized her pregnancy and birth up and down, and Jan accepted what they had to say. Because of this, she saw herself as high risk- as a disaster waiting to happen. This totally changed for her fourth birth, when she realized that she was designed to give birth. She changed her mindset and recognized that her body and her baby were not pathologies. She was able to approach this pregnancy and birth with excited anticipation, along with the knowledge that she could and would do things differently.
  3. Let’s end with this– it can be different this time. Maybe you’ve had a cesarean or several, maybe you’ve had preeclampsia or gestational diabetes or any number of “pathologies” in the past. Remember that this experience doesn’t have to be the same as last time. Give yourself space to imagine something different. Visualize it, feel it. Find support who feels it, too. Of course, consider your own risk tolerance, but know that however events do unfold, you can experience your birth from a perspective of being the authority.