Ep 168: Birth on the Road: A Missionary’s Birth Experiences

What’s the most surprising birth location you can think of?
For many, the idea of giving birth at home is totally shocking and surprising. For Vicki, the most “normal” location that she gave birth was FINALLY in her own home on her own bed. Vicki’s personality and her extremely unique birth stories made this discussion absolutely riveting. I can’t wait for you to hear it.
Episode Roundup

  1. I find it worth noting that Vicki and her husband were very attuned to the personalities of the potential midwives they were working with– despite the often times quick opportunities that they had to talk to them beforehand–It seems there was an understanding that for them, having a care provider who didn’t fit what they needed could actually be more uncomfortable or dangerous than birthing unassisted
  2. Vicki is a testimony to the fact that the body will give birth when it’s ready to give birth, but it also does sometimes seem to hold off for just enough time. In both of her first two births, she at some point recognized that it was TIME to settle down, and luckily she had JUST enough time to do just that. Was she cutting it that close, or was her body actually waiting for her to get settled, darn it? Either way, she was able to get settled just in time on both occasions!
  3. And finally, and I think you will all agree with me on this one, I hereby give Vicki the Happy Homebirth superlative of most unusual string of birth stories. What a truly impressive honor that is in this incredible group of interesting birthers, isn’t it?

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