Ep 170: Cross-Country Homebirth

When you’re unable to have a homebirth in your area, what happens?  Are you totally out of luck…. Or are there other ways to get creative?

This week we’re speaking with my friend Shanies Pearcey- a stay at home mother to 8 children and minister’s wife in Northwest NJ. Shanise enjoys cooking, sewing, and spending time with her precious kids, and I can tell you right now you are going to gain SO MUCH from this interview, as we unpack her journey to a homebirth… across the country from her own home. Get ready for a beautiful, uplifting story.

Episode Roundup

  1. Question everything, unfortunately.  Shanise was told with her twins that her hips were “too small” for a 5 pound baby– and yet, she was able to give birth to an 8 pound baby just fine later on.  Another example of this could be seen when her OB told her that if she wanted to give birth without an epidural, they should totally break her water.  It’s so unfortunate when we hear these examples of care providers looking out for themselves and not for their patients.
  2. If you find yourself in a situation that seems unfavorable, like Shanise did with her 8th pregnancy and upcoming labor, keep your mind open to other ideas.  It could have been so easy for Shanise and her husband to dismiss the idea of traveling to Texas for a homebirth, but look at what they would have missed if they’d ignored the idea– and consider the hostility that so many women were facing in hospitals in that area at the time.  What a beautiful experience Shanise’s family had– all because they were open to ideas outside of the norm.
  3. And finally, how incredible are our bodies.  The way that Shanise’s body gave her an opportunity to process her fears and anxieties by stopping labor– that was so beautiful to me.  She was able to reach out to a friend, who, by the way owns a beautiful merino wool shop called Truly Charis, for all of the cloth diapering mamas out there, be sure to look her up– and process the feelings and emotions that were welling up inside of her.  And once she did that– her body knew that it was now safe to give birth.  What a blessing that entire experience was.  As we wrap up this amazing episode, I can’t help but share Philippians 4: 4-9


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