Ep 174: An Interview with a Homebirth Convert, Becky Zale

Is it too much to ask for a change of expectations when you’re pregnant with your seventh baby?  I mean, is that even possible to shift the paradigm and take birth on from a new perspective?


This week we’re speaking with Becky Zale of Approaching Home.  Becky is a converted homebirther. It’s something she said she’d never do. But things have a way of changing and not only did she experience her first homebirth with her 7th baby but she also experienced her first free birth. It is now the highlight of her life. She is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 7 children-5 boys and 2 girls.


Episode Roundup:


  1. Let’s start with talking about the transformation that Becky has made as a mother over her 7 births.  From walking into the hospital ready for her epidural with her first to having a homebirth…. Without her midwife with her last.  What a journey.  I want to remind you that just because you’ve chosen to give birth in other ways in the past, that does not mean that you can’t try something new.  Becky learned and grew with each experience, and they all finally led her to a birth so inspiring and powerful.  
  2. Next, boy– pitocin makes a difference, doesn’t it?  All of the moms who have labored with and without it are most certainly nodding their heads in agreement.  I mean, look at this.  Becky was so used to the intensity of pitocin contractions that she didn’t even recognize the fact that she was DEEP into labor.  Our bodies have a hormonal cocktail that just WORKS.  It works with us and for us, and it’s not too much because it IS us.  When medications get involved, we don’t always have that same experience because now we’ve got outside interference.  This was a great reminder to me that, gosh, you just can’t outdo nature.
  3. And finally, I have to touch on Becky’s willingness to pray- and to pray specifically.  Each time she did, she was given support, comfort, and peace.  I know that I was deeply comforted by her story, and I hope that you were, too. 

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