Ep 175: The Gillespie Approach: How Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Can Optimize Health for Your Infant

What if you had the know-how to help your newborn baby relax and release all of the tension accumulated from growing in utero and from his or her birth experience? What if YOU were able to help regulate your baby’s nervous system? Wouldn’t it be incredible?
Over the last year, I’ve heard more and more people discussing the Gillespie Approach and sharing how working with a trained practitioner truly changed their lives, as well as the lives of their little ones. I began looking into the program myself, as the though of being able to help my family release tension and feel better certainly intrigued me.
Now, after learning more about the approach, we’re hosting two trainings in my hometown, Greenville South Carolina March 9-14th of 2023. I can’t wait for this event, and If you’re excited to learn more after hearing this episode, be sure to reach out to me at hello@myhappyhomebirth.com to have your information added to the interest list.
HappyHomebirth Academy is going to be closing to the public for the foreseeable future as of June 14th. We have more exciting program with Homebirth Collective soon!
Episode Roundup
You’re the expert on your family. We talk about this in relation to birth, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. You are allowed to take radical responsibility, and you are allowed to acquire the skills it takes to help your family heal. Motherhood is powerful, and you are not “just” a mom. You are the expert.

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