Ep 182: 4 Warning Signs to Re-Prioritize HB Prep

4 Warning Signs that You Need to Re-Prioritize Your Homebirth Preparation

So you want an empowered Homebirth. Are you preparing in a way that will provide you with empowerment?

1️⃣ If you think you’re going to just go with the flow ➡️ ✨reprioritize✨

2️⃣ If you think that relaxation techniques alone give you empowerment ➡️ ✨reprioritize✨

3️⃣ If you think that hiring a midwife guarantees success ➡️ ✨reprioritize ✨

4️⃣ If you’re not preparing for this with the same dedication that you did when planning/preparing for your wedding ➡️ ✨reprioritize✨

Wanting an empowered birth experience is doable with the right tools and preparation. But let’s remember that it isn’t going to just drop in our laps. We’ve got to take radical responsibility for our preparation.