Ep 183: Here’s How We Swap Anxiousness for Peace About Our Homebirth in 12 Short Weeks

Childbirth education isn’t enough. How many homebirth mothers do you know who “did everything right” and yet still felt unfulfilled after their birth?

Listen, when we don’t treat birth as sacred and prepare for it as such, how can we expect to feel like it was scared afterwards?

In order to reap, we must first sow. Let’s sow the seeds of preparation with intentionality. Let’s prepare our hearts and our feminine intuition and wisdom before jumping straight into “how to cope with labor”

Join me for 12 weeks and let’s get to work so that when it’s time for the harvest, it’s absolutely abundant.

Send me a DM saying ‘me!’ If you’re ready to prepare with intentionality inside of The Homebirth Collective.