Ep 184: Kati’s Homebirth Hesitancy Turns to Confident Success

How do you go through with a home birth when you start your pregnancy terrified of home birth?
This week we’re speaking to Kati Gannom, a mama who agreed to a home birth during her second pregnancy, even though she really wasn’t sold on it in the beginning.
Episode Roundup:

  1. Kati is a perfect example that your cervix is not a crystal ball, and the fact that it’s out of one during one exam means absolutely nothing about when your baby will be born. This reality really presented itself in both of her labors.
  2. Before I go on a tirade about the absolute insanity of cutting an episiotomy, especially without consent from the mother first, because I’m feeling a whole lot of angry feelings about that, let me just skip to the good part. Katie toured during her second birth, which, sure, nobody wants to do, but this is a great reminder that the perineum was made to stretch, yes, but it was also made to heal. And healing from a natural chair is generally a much easier experience than healing from intentional incisions, as I am sure Kati would attest.
  3. Mindset is everything. I mean, really, your body already has everything it needs to give birth to your baby, barring very special circumstances. The really important task is assuring and reassuring your mind that that’s the case. Of course, understanding physiological birth, knowing all the types of positions and pain relief and coping techniques play a part in building that mindset. But it’s important that you know that you’ve already got everything that you need.

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