Ep 185: The 3 Pillars of Motherhood with Jessica Lorion

How can we set ourselves up for an empowered motherhood experience?  Are there any specific values or ideals that we can practice and exercise in order to ready ourselves for the great task that motherhood is?

This week we’re speaking with Jessica Lorion. As an auto-immune disease fighter, Jessica’s motherhood journey is postponed. 
While she navigates her health journey, she has decided to learn all about motherhood before she becomes one. As a Mama in Training herself, she decided to take that concept and support other Mamas in Training on their journey in and through motherhood. Today we’ll be taking time together to discuss how to best prepare for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond with Jessica’s 3 pillars of motherhood.

Episode Roundup

  1. Advocacy. Let’s remember that you are yours and your baby’s best advocate. Wear that title proudly, and don’t allow others, even those with white coats, to bully you. This can feel like a daunting weight, but you were made for this and created for this. Spend time thinking, praying, meditating on this fact so that you can go forth confidently.
  2. Next, let’s talk about planning and preparing. You know this is near and dear to my heart, as we go through a strategic planning and preparation sequence inside of Happy Homebirth Academy. From preparing the mind to preparing the relaxation techniques, to preparing your partner, heart and home, body, and for postpartum… this idea of taking the time to consider what’s important to you, consider all of the options, and create a fluid plan is essential.
  3. And finally, community. I love how Jessica divided up this concept of community. We’ve got care providers and professionals, close friends and family, and then third party community. I love the idea of having outside input. Each group is important and can bring us something slightly different. Learning to lean into our communities for support is a lesson that can sometimes be challenging, but it is truly so rewarding for both yourself and your family.

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