Ep 187: Jocelin’s Road to Homebirth

How can we teach our body that it can trust us and rest, when we have previously had a difficult time allowing it to rest?
This week we’re going to be speaking to Jocelin North. Jocelin is a mother who has been through
quite a bit of difficulty through her pregnancy and birth experiences. And I do want to share this up front because Jocelin does a really beautiful job of really sharing the details of her experience and I want you to keep that in mind. If you feel that you are at a place in your pregnancy where you are vulnerable to difficult stories, this may be one that you want to come back to at a later time though.
I do believe there’s so much value and in hearing how she went through these experiences and how she’s come out.
On the other side as a stronger mother and someone who is able to listen to her body and provide it what it needs in an easier way.
Episode Roundup:

  1. I feel like Jocelyn story had so many difficult aspects to it and what I love and find so comforting and it is that through all of those things, she was able to continue on, she thought the Lord’s help in the times that she needed it and she did what she needed to do for her babies.


  1. That being said, we as mothers often times will sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice and forget that we are people too who need help and support. So I’m so grateful that Jocelyn is now on a path to helping her body rest and allowing her body to heal, and these things do take time. So I am so grateful to Jocelyn for sharing her birth stories with us.

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