Ep 188: Healing the Nervous System for Birth & Motherhood with Theresa Piela

This conversation is not directly homebirth, or even totally birth related, but this information is so applicable to every single one of us, whether we’re struggling with chronic illness or not. There is so much we call pull from this discussion with Theresa and apply to our pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
This week we’re going to be speaking to Theresa Piela who is as a guest expert and leading an in-depth tapping session for our students inside Happy Homebirth Collective. Theresa, is such a gift.  We are so honored to have her as a guest expert inside of the homebirth collective, and I love that my students get to learn from you in this intimate setting. 
Episode roundup

  1. Learning to release in one area of life often times allows us to soften and release in other areas. This is such a great reminder for motherhood. A we learn to soften and sink in and release, our experience of motherhood will be positively impacted.          
  2. “No one has the answers but you” and there’s freedom in that. Ultimately, you get to take full responsibility. Theresa mentioned this in relation to her search for health during chronic illness, and the very same applies for birth. Yes, it is wonderful to find others who can support us, encourage us, and teach us… but ultimately, this is your life. And it’s so much more fulfilling, despite the fact that it may at first feel daunting, when we embrace the responsibility.                            
  3. If you have the time to think to yourself, “Oh man, I’m not thinking or feeling the way I wanted to….” THAT IS YOUR CUE! You can take that one little moment of awareness– that’s all you need is one little moment– and remind yourself to refocus. And the more you do this, the more aware you will be come, and the quicker and easier it will be to refocus as time goes on.                                                                                            
  4. And finally, I love this one…Remember that we cannot control the craziness around us. We live in a world that can be dark at times, and there is undeniably trouble and struggle within the human condition. But despite this…. or even in light of this…how important is it for us to connect to our babies and let them know how well they are loved. As Theresa said, It’s the biggest gift a mother can give their child.

For all of you listening, I highly encourage you to follow Theresa at livingrootswellness on instagram, and I 10/10 recommend her tapping membership, Tapping with T. If you’re looking for support, she’s giving it out consistently.

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