Ep 189: Birth lessons of an RN turned Homebirther

Raise your hand if your doula became a doula at 17 years old before having her own children and before coming an RN? No, just Ellie?
And this week we’re speaking to Ellie Mickle, birth doula turned RN turned homebirth mama. We’ll be sharing her 3 beautiful stories, and I’m really putting an emphasis on ‘beautiful.’ This is a great pep talk episode and reminder that birth can go SO beautifully, and it does so often!
Episode Roundup

  1. When it comes to birth, our lens is crucial to how we view the situation. Ellie recognized that the only thing standing in her way from fully enjoying or appreciating her second birth experience was an internal battle based around the idea that her experience was supposed to be something different than it was. It is crucial for us as mothers to enter each birthing experience with curiosity and a beginner’s mind, knowing that the experience will bring to us whatever lessons we need most. A positive and curious lens can make all of the difference.
  2. And ultimately, birth is normal until proven otherwise. Entering this experience recognizing that physiological labor was designed to work allows us to relax and release into this process with confidence and comfort. Having trusted care providers and a trusted location can truly help mothers sink warmly into the headspace needed to submit to the birthing process.

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