Ep 191: From Elective Cesarean to Homebirth Mama: Jorda’s Big Shift

When you choose an elective cesarean for your first birth, you’re about as far from the homebirth experience as you can get– there’s no way you’d ever consider a homebirth later on, right?
This week, we’re speaking to Jordan Adams- a student and stay at home mother of 3. She lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband, three children- Emerson, Lennon & Auburn as well as two dogs, so it’s never boring. Jordan’s home birth was my first VBAC and she’s been birth obsessed ever since! I’m also working on starting a little blog to share her experiences with other like minded mommas.
Speaking of this beautiful community, I want to go deeper with you, and we are about to open up our enrollment for the Homebirth Collective. Our second cohort will be underway in October and we are going to run through the end of December. So, you know, Homebirth is a transformational experience, unlike any other, and I want to invite you to take full responsibility and full control over the joy of that experience through the Homebirth Collective, where we will be diving so much deeper into preparing. By really invoking the Primal mother, which is what I call it which is that mother inside of you who already knows what to do. And then once we have that Foundation laid, once we understand our nervous system, once we understand our boundaries, once we understand what it actually means to have a successful birth. If you were interested, go to  myhappyhomebirth.com/collective.  I can’t wait to connect with you and support you further.
Episode Roundup

  1. So much of our fears stem from the unknown. Jordan didn’t know what to expect with her first baby and birth, and at that time, it felt safer to just not know than to have to come to terms with what it could be. Obviously, this changed greatly for Jordan with time, but it really highlights just how stressful the idea of birth can be– and if we don’t even feel safe looking into what’s happening, it’s no wonder that we would want to consider an elective cesarean. Have someone else do it for me- I don’t even want to know.
  2. But on to my second point, what power did Jordan exhibit when she realized…. “wait a minute… I’m in control here!” She truly became a force to be reckoned with, and it was amazing to see that sense increase throughout her two subsequent births. Once you realize the smoke and mirrors of the idea that someone else has the power– not you– once you realize it’s YOUR body and YOUR baby…. you can’t unsee that. Jordan certainly never did.
  3. I love that Jordan so openly has continued to grow, learn and change. When her midwife recommended some dietary changes that seemed pretty basic, she suddenly had insane improvements in her health– how incredible is it to see that we sometimes DO have the ability to greatly increase our health with just a few simple changes. This was such an encouraging aspect of Jordan’s journey to me.
  4. And finally, how wonderful was it to hear all of the supportive people around Jordan. Her husband, her mother-in-law, her midwife, her sister in law– all of them playing such integral parts in her experience, and she will never forget how these wonderful people treated her during such a special time. It just fills me with joy to hear when mothers are rallied around in such a beautiful way.

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