Ep 192: Pelvic Floor Problems? Here’s how to “Tighten Your Tinkler”

What do we need to know about supporting and healing the pelvic floor?  Is it super complex?

This week, we’re speaking with Christina, one of the creators and trainers of Tighten Your Tinkler. Christina and her business partner Jen are a physical therapist and exercise physiologist duo who are dedicated to helping mothers heal their pelvic floors in a way that keeps physiology in mind.
Christina and Jen are guest experts inside of the Homebirth Collective, and I am thrilled to be able to share a glimpse of their expertise here, too!

The HBC applications for our next cohort that runs from mid October through the end of December 2022 open up next week on September 12th 2022. This cohort has been absolutely life-changing for the intimate community of mothers who has participated, and the friendships that have been built ALONG with the depth of both knowledge and wisdom regarding the physiologic birth process and the transformational experience of childbirth are far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before.
Head to myhappyhomebirth.com/collective if you know you’re ready to join us in October!
Christina brought so much helpful information to us regarding the Pelvic floor and how we can support it.  If through this episode you’ve realized that you’d like further support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Christina and Jen at Tightenyourtinkler.  The name is funny, but the results are serious!  I’ve personally been through their program and I’m currently incorporating their exercises into my daily life, and I absolutely love what they’re doing. 

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