Ep 193: Preparing for Birth When Plans Change Last Minute

When you work yourself up to have a homebirth, and then those plans change last minute, what do you do?
This week, we’re speaking with Therese Dansby. Therese Dansby is a wife, nurse, lactation consultant, and homeschooling mom of 3. She recently moved from a big city to a small town in Nebraska where she is thrilled to have found herself amongst plenty of homesteading, home schooling, home birthing friends. Motherhood has been nothing like she expected, but as she rises to the challenge, she learns new things about her own strength and resilience in the process.  
Therese’s final birth experience ends with some unexpected trauma.  She gives a trigger warning before she goes into depth, so if you’d prefer to avoid that discussion, you’re welcome to end the episode at that point.

Episode Roundup:

  1. Despite my great love and desire for mothers to know about homebirth as an option, that does NOT automatically mean that home is the best option for everyone. The best option for a mother is for her to give birth where she feels safest and most comfortable. We are asking our bodies to open up and be fully vulnerable. If they are most comfortable doing that in a hospital, there is absolutely no shame in that.
  2. The People Pleaser Tendency: This is very common in pregnancy and birth, and it’s something we need to be aware of so that we can prepare ourselves beforehand. Strengthening our boundaries during pregnancy can be incredibly useful.
  3. Finally, birth can be beautiful and still have complications. There can still be traumas after something amazing and lovely. Therese shared so many wonderful ways that she’s been able to integrate her experience in these last months, and I will be posting them in the show notes


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