Ep 194: Husbands! 5 Things to Watch Out For with Childbirth Education

Question for you, dads:

If you knew you were preparing for something intense and life-changing… let’s say battle… how would you want to prepare?

Would you prefer to read a book or two and hope for the best?

Would you want to watch a general self-study course and try to implement on your own?

Or would you prefer 1:1 preparation with a skilled instructor who has actually experienced what you’re preparing for? Wouldn’t you want to have access to other peers who were preparing for the same event to work with, relate to, and lean upon?

And would you want this preparation to simply show you how to hold a sword, or would you want it to teach you to think like a warrior? Which would be more helpful.

Now let’s think about your wife and the life-changing experience she’s about to have: giving birth. Just like battle, she will leave this experience changed. Wouldn’t it be far more helpful if we were able to help her prepare for all of the aspects of birth and motherhood beforehand so that she walks into this event confidently and courageously?

Listen in to this discussion to learn the 5 questions you can ask your wife when she’s selecting a method of childbirth education. And remember that YOU can be her hero simply through your support!



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