Ep 195: Empowered Birthing experience with Tanya Grazione

When you experience a truly empowered birthing experience, certainly it affects your motherhood journey. But what else can it potentially impact?
And this week we’re speaking to Tanya Grazione, a mama whose birth experience propelled her into a totally new career and desire to serve other women. Tanya is a homebirth mama, doula and childbirth educator, and she has so much wonderful insight to share with us today.
She help first-time homebirth mothers achieve the empowering birthing experience of their dreams by deprogramming the mainstream mistrust of birth, reconnecting with their intuitive feminine wisdom, and relaxing into the the birthing process.
Episode Roundup:

  1. In regards to Tanya’s first experience, her cervix moved so quickly from relatively closed to quite open, which explains why Tanya felt overwhelmed and opted for the epidural. We’ve got to remember that the cervix doesn’t open on a specific timeline, and just because we’re 3cm one minute doesn’t mean we won’t be complete and pushing just minutes later!
  • With her second birth, Tanya was able to feel the transformation into motherhood in a far more active way. This experience, though it didn’t take away her first birth, allowed her to integrate it and her second birth more fully into herself. She was able to re-enter motherhood feeling extremely proud and confident. A number of the mothers inside of The HBC join specifically for that reason. They were left feeling like something was missing from their previous birth or births, and they’re ready to do all of the inner work with their current pregnancy to experience the transformation back into motherhood on a cellular level. In order to do that, we have to take radical responsibility and learn to dig into our own self-knowledge and trust. I love that Tanya is on the exact same page and is teaching this to her clients as well.


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