Ep 199: LaDaiju’s Dream Homebirth After Cesarean

How can we enter pregnancy and labor with excitement and anticipation after a previous birth that ended in Cesarean?
This week, we’re speaking to LaDaiju, a mama who decided she was not accepting the same birthing situation as before as she prepared for her most recent birth. HBAC stories are some of the most requested on the podcast, and I know you’re going to love the perspective that LaDaiju brings to this discussion.
Episode Roundup:

  1. LaDaiju walked into her second birth with the confidence and deep knowing that her body was made to do this. She had been thoughtful, prayerful and so considerate, and she knew this birth experience at home was exactly what she needed.
  2. So much of this confidence came through education. Between her first and second birth, LaDaiju took education seriously. She knew she wanted something different, and she worked hard to make it happen. What an amazing experience. LaDaija, I’m so thrilled for your successful homebirth, and so glad you made it onto the podcast to share!


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