Ep 201: Navigating Birth with Power

How do you navigate a situation in which your birth plans must be modified?
This week we’re speaking to Jocelyn, mama to 3 with 3 very different birth stories. Today we’ll hear about Jocelyn’s experience in the birth center, in the hospital, and finally at home.
Episode Roundup:
I’m struck by Jocelyn’s ability to keep positive and to advocate for herself when her birth plans changed after a diagnosis of hydrocephaly with her second son. She could have been bullied out of her plans, but she remained strong and pushed for what she desired. In the end, she saw that her strength paid off and she was able to avoid an unnecessary c section. Your thoughts, opinions and desires DO matter, and it would seem that some obstetricians tend to lean towards “NO” instead of “YES”. With this in mind, remember that you are always the one in charge of your care, and you do have options. Sometimes we may not like our options– I’m sure Jocelyn would have preferred to have the original birth she’d desired, but within the context of her situation, she still made the best of her situation and made the decisions that were best for herself and her baby. You can do the same, too.

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