Ep 202: Birth is Medicine: Courtney Valdez Steps into Sovereign Motherhood

What does it mean to fully embrace motherhood? To fully embrace the God-given responsibility of caring for your children?
This week, we’re speaking to Courtney Valdez, a 26-year old mom of two beautiful girls + a business owner/hairstylist, with a love of homemaking and holistic wellness. Courtney’s experience of pregnancy and birth has changed the way her family lives in every way for the better, as we are going to hear in this powerful journey of growth and strength.
And not to give a huge spoiler alert, but I do want to say this. The mother that Courtney becomes during this experience– powerful, confident, radically responsible– that is who I want you to meet and become inside of The Homebirth Collective. In the HBC, we dedicate 12 weeks to getting to know the deepest layers of yourself. To meeting that primal mother inside of you, and encouraging her to to take the driver’s seat– not only of your pregnancy and birth, but of your life.
We work in sisterhood, as community is so vital to preparation for birth, and so missing in most contexts. How unbelievable is it to be able to share a common goal with a group of mothers– a group of aligned mothers who totally supports your decision to give birth at home? Who wants to form deep relationships and connect authentically?
It’s been incredible to see these mothers enter and re-enter motherhood after having completed The HBC. Seeing them take radical responsibility in their births, and knowing how deeply this will impact generation after generation– because they chose to invest in themselves and their families.
If you’re excited to join the next cohort of The HBC, which will run from January to March, make sure you’re signed up for our waitlist! You’ll be the first to know when applications are open, and you can grab your spot quickly, as spots are incredibly limited!
Go to myhappyhomebirth.com/collective to learn more and sign up. Okay, let’s jump into this beautiful story with Courtney.
Episode Roundup:

  1. Let’s start with how Courtney views her first birth experience. While there is plenty for her to be upset and frustrated about in regards to her care, I love the way that Courtney chooses to frame her experience. She isn’t sitting in victimhood, but accepting responsibility– accepting the experience for what it was, and choosing to see and appreciate the beautiful moments. Sometimes we’ve got to tease through the event to find the beauty, and that can feel frustrating, but how much more powerful than to allow the event to pull you down into despair? We don’t always have a choice in regards to outcomes, but we can ALWAYS choose our perspective.
  2. Sovereign motherhood. Courtney felt that she shed her old skin– the questioning, uncertain skin of the past– in the birth pool when she met her second daughter. She was reborn as the sovereign mother to her two daughters that she was designed to be. No more questioning herself, no more outsourcing… she understands that her intuition was given by God, and she will us it.
  3. And lastly, I want to take a moment to touch on care providers. Courtney’s experience were both at the hands of midwives. We’ve got to remember that a title alone means absolutely nothing. One manipulated and pushed for her own way, while the other sat on her hands, peacefully watching Courtney enter back into motherhood. We’ve got to remember that who we select as our care provider does carry a massive amount of weight. I understand that some of us have more options than others, but this is something to be considered deeply. Does your midwife see herself as a hero or a servant? The answer will dictate much.

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