Ep 205: Free Your Family From Harmful EMFs (and 2 freebirths!) With Courtney Taylor

Are you ready to have all of your EMF questions answered?
This week we’re speaking to Courtney Taylor.  Courtney is a freebirth mom to two children, and she works as a researcher and customer support provider for BluShield USA.
In this episode, we’ll hear Courtney’s two birth stories, and then we’ll spend the remainder of the show answering the listener questions submitted regarding EMFSs. Courtney does such an incredible job of breaking this information down in a way that’s both understandable and empowering.
Episode Roundup:
  1. Courtney shared about the fact that nature never repeats the same pattern consistently.  In fact, it never repeats itself exactly!  This repetition, which is found in harmful EMFs, is what actually causes our bodies to be on guard.  BluShield’s mitigation products, like nature, provide a variety of frequencies that allow our body to enter safety.
  2. Another incredibly important topic that Courtney covered is the idea of taking responsibility for our own health. Courtney did this in terms of her birth experience: giving birth free birth unassisted with her first baby. She felt so strong and confident in her decisions, and she chose not o outsource t her health. It’s the exact same when it comes to her journey with EMFs.
  3. Finally, we must remember: Let’s do our best. Let’s do what we can to protect our families, and then let’s not stress about the rest.  Additional stress and fear is only going to cause more inflammation, more chronic illnesses, and more acute illnesses. For me, this involves trusting the Lord–trusting that He is the true source of provision and protection.  I’m doing my part, and then letting go–having an hand open with the rest.
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