Ep 207: From Addiction and Homelessness to Hope and Homebirth with Gabrielle Manier

What was life like for you before you became pregnant? Were you pretty much the same person then as you are now, or have you changed drastically?
Today we’ll be speaking with Gabrielle, and precious mother who has truly been pulled from death to life. From addiction to heavy narcotics and homelessness to being pulled out and called into life through Jesus. This story is unbelievably powerful, and I’m so thrilled that Gabrielle’s heart desires to share how she has been forever reborn.

  1. God makes messy things beautiful. I’ve seen it time and time again in my own life and in the lives of others, and how clearly was this put on display in Gabrielle’s story. Gabrielle shares how she overdosed and flatlined 3 times– died- and yet now is a whole new, reborn creation who is pointing others to her Savior. What a beautiful testimony.
  2. And next, I think it’s so incredible to see how the life experiences that she’s had, of dysfunction, of such severe struggle– she’s used those to change the paradigm for her own family. Gabrielle and her husband are taking their children down an entirely new path– one that’s functional and full of love and grace.
  3. And lastly, I just want to share about the beauty in Gabrielle’s decision making. Despite the fact that she’s off of social media and thus not being bombarded with pretty homebirth images, she prayed for discernment and knew that what she wanted for her babies was different from the conventional path. I just find it so powerful that Gabrielle trusted and obeyed and had two beautiful girls in a way that empowered her and granted her confidence in motherhood.

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