Ep 213: First Time Peaceful Homebirth as a First Time Foster Mom with Alexis Meisenholder

Change can be tough. How do we integrate the arrival of our new baby? Moreover, how do we integrate the arrival of our new baby mere weeks after the arrival of our foster child and a move into a new home?
Thi week, we’re speaking to Alexis. A foster-turning adoptive mother to a 7-year-old daughter, and homebirth bio mom to a 1 year old baby boy. Alexis and her family experienced so. much. change. during her pregnancy, and leading up to her birth, and yet you will love the attitude and perspective with which she holds all of this as we hear her journey.
Episode Roundup:

  1. Alexis found confidence in herself as she navigate pregnancy and motherhood, and so much of this was because she was in control of her care. She wasn’t being told what to do or forced or coerced. Alexis was surrounded by midwives who truly cared for her and wanted her to be in charge of her experience. What a massive difference this makes in terms of how we feel about ourselves as mothers. What a beautiful gift of an experience to know that we’ve got the stuff we need to be who we were designed to be.
  2. Alexis said that, overarching, she sees how God’s timing was so perfect in her story, despite the fact that she certainly couldn’t see that or even fully feel that during the process at times. Isn’t it so humbling to realize that our perspective just isn’t as big as that of our Creator’s? What feels like pain, a struggle, something incredibly difficult or even wrong from where we’re standing…. that can be used, too. Alexis celebrates the fact that in His timing, she gained two beautiful children– two children she wouldn’t trade for the world. How amazing.


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