Ep 214: Managing Gestational Diabetes and Achieving Homebirth with Cassidy Lilly

Is Gestational Diabetes a birth-ruiner, or is there more to the picture than just a label?
This week, we’re speaking to Cassidy Lilly, a mother to 3 babies, born 3 very different ways. Today we’ll hear Cassidy’s story of cesarean, then medicated vbac, and finally an incredible homebirth. We’ll learn about how she was diagnosed with GD in her third pregnancy, and how she chose to manage that experience.
As you’ll hear in Cassidy’s story, the way that we enter motherhood can truly play a role in how we navigate the experience of being a mother as a whole. You’ll hear how Cassidy’s confidence and connection soared once she was truly ushered into motherhood the way she was designed to. And that’s what I want for you. Whether it’s your first or fifth, inside of the Homebirth Collective, I help homebirth mothers achieve the empowering birthing experience of their dreams by deprogramming the mainstream mistrust of birth, reconnecting with their intuitive feminine wisdom, and relaxing into the birthing process.  All within the loving arms of an unbelievably aligned community. Are you ready to truly experience birth as the God-given rite of passage it was designed to be?  


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