Ep 215: An Unpredictable Homebirth with Miriam Kleyner

Which birth story was your birth like? Did you hear an experience that was similar to yours as you prepared, or was your experience totally different from anything you’d imagined?
This week, we’re speaking to Miriam. Miriam is a first time mama to a 9 month old baby girl, Noah Ivy, a social impact consultant and Brooklyn transplant turned aspiring homesteader. Once she decided on homebirth, she prepared thoroughly, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading stories… and yet… we’ll hear how her birth differed from all she had expected.
Episode Roundup

  1. Making difficult decisions in your pregnancy and birth feels… not fun. Setting up boundaries, especially for those of us who feel a need to please others, feels difficult, sometimes even wrong. But here’s the thing… it’s not wrong. In fact, it’s necessary. Miriam began setting boundaries where she needed to at the end of her pregnancy, and continues to do so postpartum. This is one of the key aspects of fully owning our role as a mother. Are we willing to forsake all others for our nuclear family? Truly? It’s not easy, but it’s what we’ve been called to do, and when we live our lives this way, I believe we will find more satisfaction in our role.
  2. I wanted to mention the fact that Miriam’s birth was really different from what she’d expected. 6 hours, nonstop back labor, and a nuchal arm wrapped in an umbilical cord…. this wasn’t on a previous podcast episode. But I think the amazing thing about preparing for birth holistically is our ability to look back at our experience with pride. She worked incredibly hard through her labor. She brought her baby from womb to world…. this experience couldn’t have been predicted, but it’s certainly not any less amazing or valid than any other birth experience. It’s incredible. If we can see birth with this sense of open-mindedness, we can appreciate our experience, however unexpected it may be.
  3. And finally, isn’t it amazing that because Miriam was at home, she didn’t get disturbed once her magical golden hour was up. That didn’t mean “free rein! anything goes!” No, she was still left to snuggle with her newborn, as she was finally returning from the difficult experience of giving birth. Sometimes it may take us a while to come around, especially after an intense birth like Miriam’s. To think that if she would have been elsewhere, she may have been completely interrupted once she was beginning to truly bond is heartbreaking.



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