Ep 216: Made for This Birth with Mary Haseltine

Do you know– that you were made for this birth?
This week, we’re speaking to my friend and birth colleague Mary Haseltine. Mary is a doula, author, and birth educator for 10 years; She has had seven full term babies – 5 born at home, 2 in the hospital and one home miscarriage; Her births include had 2 precipitous births, 1 vaginal breech, 4 babies in water, 1 unintentionally unassisted, 1 home birth with a doctor and 3 different midwives for the others. She has experienced it ALL.
Before we jump in, I wanted to let you know that my free resource, the Achieve Your Empowered Homebirth mini course if officially open and available to you! The easiest way to get it? DM me on instagram with the word homebirth– all one word– and the mini-course will be sent right to you. We’re breaking down what it means to truly prepare for birth. What is it that you REALLY need? Is it all about learning to ‘cope’ in labor? Spoiler alert, it’s not. You can also grab access by clicking the link in the show notes!
Episode Roundup.

  1. Mary and I are in total agreement of this: Birth is meant to be one of the most spiritually transformative experiences of a woman’s life and the process of pregnancy and birth is meant to prepare her for the work of motherhood. This isn’t just a physical experience, it’s so much more. Which…is why I put SO much emphasis on recognizing what it means to truly prepare for this event!
  2. No matter how many babies you have, each birth is incredibly precious, unique, challenging, transformative and as Mary insinuated– maybe a little addicting, especially if you love listening to beautiful birth stories!!
  3. And finally, I just love the way that Mary uses her calling from the Lord to support others. God has given her SO many different experiences, what a blessing that she can be so relatable to her clients, no matter how it all unfolds.


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