Ep 217: Michelle’s Very Similar, Very Different Births!

Two births: One at home and one in the hospital– the exact same situation arises in both scenarios– do you think they’ll be handled the same or differently?
This week, we’re speaking with Michelle, owner of _______, wife and mother of two precious children. Michelle and her husband experienced both hospital and homebirth, and we’ll hear how similar some events were in both births. We’ll also hear how they were handled in each setting.
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Episode Roundup:

  1. The best way to make a in informed decision is by…. gaining information. We can so easily believe that we know what something is or something is like based on… minimal understanding. This is common when it comes to homebirth! The immediate feeling is, “What!? That’s dangerous!!” Until we realize that… oh, actually… insert facts here. Michelle and her husband decided to go straight to the source. They saw a midwife, asked all of the questions, and suddenly… they have the information they need to make a confident decision and be on the same page. And next,
  2. The energy surrounding birth is so important. When in the hospital, Michelle’s daughter was quickly removed from her, almost intubated… there was massive commotion and upheaval. This left Michelle feeling shocked and traumatized… and then mere minutes later she’s being pushed out of the room and everyone’s acting like life is back to normal. How are we supposed to internalize this? Let’s compare that to her experience with her son. Her midwife slowly helped her untangle the baby’s cord, he was placed immediately with his mother, and then a gentle breath was given to help stimulate him. No trauma. No drama. No upheaval– Just a calm, loving, supportive energy that encourages the physiological process of birth and bonding. What a difference this makes. Michelle was able to re-enter motherhood feeling more confident, more capable, and more like the mother she was designed to be. How incredible.

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