Ep 220: Aimee Uses Homebirth to Reclaim Her Motherhood Journey

When your first birth leaves you feeling the victim, and when that feeling pervades into your experience of motherhood– is that it for you? How do you recover?
This week, we’re speaking with my incredible friend Aimee Rowden. Aimee is the wife of Ben and mother of Benjamin & Ivy. She and Ben are working towards a more sustainable future for their family. Aimee enjoys time with her family, a strong cup of coffee, and living life unconventionally.
Aimee took part in The Homebirth Collective, and I am so thrilled for you all to be able to hear the incredible transformation of this amazing woman. Her story inspires me to my core and brings about so much hope for the weary mama- I know you’re going to love this.
Speaking of The Homebirth Collective, I want to ask you- what does it mean for you to achieve your empowered homebirth? What does it mean to be prepared for birth and motherhood? I’d love to give you a free gift: a mini course that discusses and teaches on that very concept. This is also the very best way to learn more about my techniques and perspective and more about The Homebirth Collective. Easiest way to get the course sent straight to you? send me a dm at happyhomebirthpodcast on Instagram with the word homebirth– JUST THE WORD homebirth, the chat is very sensitive about that… no emojis! Homebirth is all one word– and I’ll send you my course right over. OR click the link in the show notes!
Episode Roundup:

  1. Aimee’s first birth was felt as a traumatic experience, while her second was not– despite the fact that both included extended time in the NICU. What does this tell us about trauma? SO. Much of trauma is based on how we’re treated, and how much control we feel we have over a situation. Aimee was a new woman when Ivy was born, and she felt confident in her ability to stand up for her child, to know what to do, and to make the best decisions for her. Despite the fact that the situation was difficult, it was not something that her body or heart perceived as traumatic. This is so critical to understand.
  2. Next, I want to talk about preparation. Aimee had already given birth before, so in her mind, why on earth would she need another program to prepare? And honestly, I quite agree with her… when most childbirth education is merely slapping a band- aid on birth and teaching how to “deal” with labor…. it truly can be more harmful than helpful. But Aimee realized that despite the fact that she’d given birth before, she needed a deeper type of preparation. She needed to dig down to the depths of her being and find the primal mother that she was designed to be. Inside of the homebirth collective, THIS is our focus. My desire isn’t just to help you have a painless labor– no– I want you to transform into motherhood in a way that’s so powerful that others around you can’t help but take notice. I want you to feel so confident and courageous in your own skin– in who you are as your baby’s mother. Isn’t that so much more of what we need for both birth and… life? If you want to learn more about this philosophy, be sure to dm me the word homebirth on Instagram at happyhomebirthpodcast so that I can send you my thoughts.
  3. And finally… it’s not too late. Did you have a less-than-ideal previous birth? Have you- up unitl now- felt anxious and overwhelmed in your motherhood? It doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose a new path forward. We can step into the role that we were designed to fill, just like Aimee did. What an incredible, uplifting message. And what a change our generation of mothers can make for the future of humanity- if we all step into our confident, God-given role.


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