Ep 221: Exploring Matrescence with Anisha Patel

What is matrescence and how do we prepare for it?
This week, we’re speaking with Anisha Patel, published author, speaker, postpartum coach and founder of MasalaMommy.com. Anisha has a heart for supporting women in their transition into motherhood, and she’s going to be sharing her understanding of Matrescence and Ayurveda with us today.
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Episode Roundup:
Yes, preparation for birth is so important. This is an experience that will live with us forever, and the way that we prepare for it, no matter how it actually unfolds, can highly influence our transition into motherhood– AND ALSO… postpartum. This huge life shift into matrescence– this is so critical to understand, appreciate, and to prepare for. The birthing process lasts for a few hours or a few days… and motherhood lasts forever. Let’s take both aspects seriously.
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