Ep 223: Jacy’s Grief of Stillbirth and the Redemption That Followed

When we’ve experienced tragedy, how do we heal and maintain a positive outlook?
This week, we’re speaking to Jacy, a teacher-turned-homeschooling mom of four living children and a daughter in Heaven.  After four very different hospital births (including a stillbirth), Jacy unexpectedly became a homebirth convert.  Her fifth baby was born healthy at home in August, which was an incredibly healing experience for her.
As you can tell, this birth story is going to cover some extremely sensitive content. Jacy hopes to provide encouragement to bereaved mothers, as the Lord placed several women in her life that had been open about their experiences with loss before she had her own. This was extremely helpful to her, and her desire is to help others with her story of both heartaching pain and at other points, heart-bursting joy.
Episode Roundup: 
I’m so grateful for Jacy’s willingness to come on and share such a vulnerable piece of her life and her heart with us. As we head into today’s episode roundup, I wanted to simply focus on this one aspect: When we come across those who are grieving, for whatever reason, but especially those who have lost a child at any stage- I think that far beyond our words, we can love people with our actions. Bringing a meal, offering to watch the other little ones, providing house cleaning services. acknowledging the personhood of the little life who is no longer here, and acknowledging the physical trauma and need for recovery of the mother, too. We don’t have to have the perfect words, but having a servant’s heart is a treasure above all else. 


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