Ep 224: A Beautiful Birth and a Stretching Postpartum with Caitlin Cooper

What happens when birth goes well, but postpartum throws you for a loop?
This week, we’re speaking with Caitlin Cooper, a first time mom to her 4 1/2 month old son named Luke. Caitlin and her husband and I have been married for 5 years and they live in Hagerstown, MD about an hour and a half away from DC and Baltimore. 
Caitlin will be sharing the rawness of her pregnancy, labor, and deeply important to her, her postpartum experience.
We CAN prepare. We DESERVE to have access to this type of information. Inside of my childbirth education programs, I make sure that mothers know what to expect and know how to receive help. Because I was drowning during my first postpartum experience, and I never want that for any other mother. As you consider how you’ll prepare for your birth and postpartum, I pray you’ll consider Happy Homebirth Academy or The Homebirth Collective.
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Episode Roundup:
I am so grateful for Caitlin’s rawness and real insight into her experience. What a helpful story. As we jump into today’s episode roundup, I could talk about ALL of the possible resources that you have at your disposal and should consider while you’re pregnant. But we’d be here all day, and you can certainly find that information inside of HHA or The HBC. Instead, I want to take just a moment to shed light on a few lesser-known options that are fabulous for the immediate postpartum.
If you’re currently pregnant, consider finding a Craniosacral Fascial Therapist in your area if at all possible. Fascial restrictions are behind sooooo much of the postpartum struggle…. for baby, yes, but for mothers, too. For mothers…Our fascia is so deeply tied to our nervous system. If we’re feeling stressed out and anxious and overwhelmed, finding a CFT practitioner can do so much to help us find balance. And for babies… oh my goodness. Let’s not forget that they’ve been in quite a confined space for quite a while. If there’s one thing I could give to every baby, it would be a CFT session within hours or days of their birth. This can be so helpful in terms of breastfeeding struggles, and it’s generally unknown. Any type of fascial bodywork can be amazing, but I know the specific benefits of CFT for myself and my family, so I’m happy to take a moment to shout it from the mountains. 
And I want to end with this. If you’re struggling, you are not alone. Don’t allow yourself to sink into isolation. Reach out for support in whatever way you feel will be best for you, but please, do not be made to feel alone or strange for your experience. There are so many people who would love to support you through this experience.
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