Ep 225: Supporting Your Body Through Physiological Postpartum With Kela Futrell

We speak a lot about physiological birth around here- but how do we prepare for and experience a physiological postpartum? What does that even entail?
This week, we’re speaking with Kela Futrell, a postpartum wellness doula with three babies of her own. Kela has had one hospital birth and two homebirths, and she’s had quite an array of postpartum experiences between her three children. Today we’ll hear her stories and glean from her wisdom.
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Episode Roundup:

  1. Fascia and all of its fascia-nating glory strikes again! When Kela’s third child began showing midline defects at birth and as time went on, her intuition began to buzz. She decided to reach out to a fascia-knowledgeable provider and ask some questions. Upon further discussion, Kela and her family traveled 5 hours for a 3-day intensive for her son Bear. And the results? They were incredible. My friends, I recorded this episode before hosting the Craniosacral fascial therapy conference in Greenville, and now… listening back…. I’m just so excited. We had an infant travel to receive bodywork for craniostenosis, the very same diagnosis that Bear had. And just like him, this baby experienced massive change. This work is just constantly amazing me. If you ever wonder “Could this be related to the fascia?” please consider reaching out! I’ll once again link the Gillespie Approach facebook group where you can search for providers in your area.
  2. Next, we’ve got to talk about the lessons Kela learned between her first and second postpartum. She realized just how little she’d allowed herself to heal the first time around, and she was determined to “know better, do better” as she puts it, with both baby #2 and #3. And because this change was so profound to her, she now dedicates her time to supporting other mothers as they move into their fresh, new role. What a gift.
  3. And finally, when it comes to experiencing a beautiful postpartum… just like homebirth… it typically takes planning and consideration beforehand. Birth and postpartum are physiological events. As natural as can be. But our society is so disconnected with the process that we have to build up an arsenal of support for BOTH beforehand. It’s so much easier to prepare ahead of time than to try to figure it out as we’re wading through the thick of it… though if that’s you, REACH OUT FOR HELP… it’s not too late!

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