Ep 227: Similar Births Internalized Differently with Lauralee Kirkland

When you have fast, uncomplicated births, does the location really even matter at that point?
This week, we’re speaking with Lauralee Kirkland, a mother to 3 babies earthside and one in heaven. We’ll hear how Lauralee’s decision-making has changed with each new birth, and how she’s been able to step into both labor and motherhood more confidently each time.
Before we jump in, I’m going to give a little spoiler alert. Lauralee shares about the benefit of truly preparing for the birth experience you desire, and how it’s really not up to anyone but YOU to educate you. This is such an important piece of advice, and I completely agree. In fact, this is why I’ve created Happy Homebirth Academy. The reality is that no one is going to care about how this birth unfolds as much as you will– so let’s get educated. Let’s take the time to decide what’s important to you, to prepare for all of the potential situations that may arise, to learn how to not only cope but ENJOY our birthing experience, and to deeply ready ourselves for postpartum.
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Episode Roundup:

  1. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the episode, It’s so important for you to invest in your growth if you have an idea for your birth— as opposed to leaving it to chance. In Lauralee’s journey, she spent so much more time preparing for her 3rd birth, which led to a sense of preparedness and joy in her actual birthing process that she had yet to feel before. She also felt far more settled in her third postpartum, and I have to imagine that her preparation played a role in this as well.
  2. Even with births that looked both “good” and similar on paper, the reality is that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re experienced the same way. Lauralee was able to internalize and metabolize her third birth experience immediately in a positive, joyous light because of, once again, the type of preparation that she did beforehand.
  3. And finally, this type of preparation leads to one more amazing birthing aspect: The feeling of being PART of your birthing process as opposed to it simply happening to you. When we’ve prepared thoroughly, we are able to feel like an active participant with AGENCY in our birth, not a helpless bystander whose body just happens to be birthing a baby. What a mindset shift with lasting implications.

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