Ep 230: Finding Freedom in Motherhood with Naomi Reyes

Motherhood– It has a way of bringing up the things that we thought were stored deep, deep down… it pulls ’em right to the surface. How can we find freedom in motherhood, be the most loving version of ourselves and heal our families at the same time?
This week, we’re speaking with my dear friend Naomi Reyes. Naomi is the creator of Finding Freedom Collective where she leads Mothers to transform their lives from exhausted to empowered. Naomi is a Transformation Coach and MINDSET expert. She teaches women how to access the full power of their unique mind so that they can create lasting change in all areas of motherhood. Finding Freedom is a collective group for Mothers to experience true connection, support, and transformation. 
Naomi is a compassionate leader, a mother of 4, a believer in the power of the present moment, and a woman who is constantly seeking to evolve and grow in her own journey of life.
Episode Roundup:
These conversations are so full of hope and possibility– can you imagine actually WORKING on yourself with such a loving support system? Naomi has been so unbelievably generous with my listeners, in that she’s offering a huge discount on entrance into her Finding Freedom Collective for you, happy homebirthers, for this first week only. Use this link to access this beautiful community before May 26th at 7pm EST at this discounted price. I will absolutely be involved as I navigate postpartum and seek community as I heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

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Finding Freedom Link
Access before May 26th 7 pm EST for discount
Naomi’s Instagram : @findingfreedomcollective