Ep 231: Reclaiming Primal Movement to Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing with Paris Latka

What does your posture communicate to yourself, your baby, and the world? Perhaps it seems unimportant or insignificant, but as you’ll learn today– there is SO much to the way in which we hold ourselves.
This week we’re speaking with my incredible friend, coach and mentor Paris Latka. Paris is the founder of her business IAM Health, which stands for Intelligent Alignment Movement Health. 
It is her greatest passion to support people feeling fantastic in their bodies, connected to their hearts and clear in their minds. She does this through Bowspring primal movement therapy, myofascia release, holistic nutrition & smart supplementation. She loves to geek out about fascia, postural alignment, and its role in our well-being nutrition, movement and anything that optimizes health.  All of her work is geared towards realizing and increasing the love frequency in our bodies and on the planet.
Paris and I will be speaking about the Bowspring method and how it’s changed her life and already begun to transform my own. I pray this information will be of unbelievable use to you and your family, as it has been to mine. Let’s jump in!
Episode Roundup:

  1. There’s so much more to our posture than just “how we stand”. Our posture indicates so much to ourselves and others about– who we are, what we believe, and how we feel. We can influence our mindset simply by adopting a healthier posture over time. How amazing is that?
  2. How we feel in our bodies and in this world is contagious, especially to those with whom we are deeply connected… I.E. our families. Our spouse, our children…. when we begin to expand and open, we really are providing in invitation for those around us to do the same. What would it be like to grow up in a family who is open, expressive and vibrant? Who is rooted and confident in who they are? We can give our children such a gift by being the fullest version of ourselves, both physically and emotionally… and as we’ve spoken of in previous episodes, this so deeply impacts how these children grow in THEIR bodies. What if we can prevent the collapsing in– what if we can encourage beautiful broad faces and functional airways and so much more– simply by encouraging our own expansion?
  3. And finally- I want to reiterate what Paris said- this isn’t something that we’re learning. It’s something that we’re reconnecting with. Something to rediscover. We’re simply turning off the noise around us and connecting with the primal movement that is truly a gift of health from our Creator. This so deeply relates to my approach to preparation for childbirth and motherhood, and it’s why I feel the Bowspring is such a beautiful movement pattern to implement as we prepare for, grow, birth and nurture our babies and ourselves. Be sure to check out the show notes and join Paris for her next cohort of movement!

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