Ep 233: Birth in Captivity to the Freedom of Homebirth with Esmeralda Carrillo

From Birth in Captivity to the Freedom of Homebirth with Esmeralda Carrillo

How did your birth location make you feel during your birthing experience– confined and imprisoned, or totally set free?

This week, we’re speaking to Esmeralda, a mother to 3 children, doula and homebirth shop owner. We’ll hear how Esmeralda went from a confined hospital experience to absolute freedom in her homebirths.

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Episode Roundup

Goodness, as I reflect on Esmeralda’s story, one major, beautiful point comes to my mind. Instinct requires us to go internally. We’ve got to stop listening to the outside noise and focus on that depthy, God-given inner-knowing that we all hold as Primal Mothers. When Esmeralda did this for her third birth, it truly shifted everything. She found complete freedom in her birth, and she knew exactly what she was capable of as a mother– that she had everything she needed inside herself all along.

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