Ep 249: Surrendering to Physiological Birth and Motherhood with Jessica Livengood

Surrendering to Physiological Birth and Motherhood with Jessica Livengood
What does it mean to surrender to your birth experience? To surrender to motherhood?
This week’s episode, we’ll be speaking to my friend and Homebirth Collective student Jessica about her experiences with surrender in birth and motherhood. This conversation is so deep and SO useful- I know you’re going to gain amazing insight from it.
Before we jump in, I want to share how deeply this concept relates to what we learn inside of The Homebirth Collective. You may wonder– what makes The HBC different from other childbirth education? And the answer is that it’s not strictly childbirth education. Yes, it’s that, but it’s so much more. Inside of The HBC we’re focusing on the preparation of birth– physical birth, and the spiritual, mental, emotional birth into motherhood. We spend weeks tending to the primal mother and learning how to lean into what we already have and have been given. If you’re looking to use your birth experience as a transformational catalyst into a grounded motherhood, I’d love to have you inside of The HBC. Click the link in the show notes to join, and don’t forget to use the code PODCAST for 10% off at checkout.
Episode Roundup
Goodness, Jessica’s story and her perspective of her birth are so beneficial to all of us. As we head into this episode roundup, she’s given us so much to mull over.

  1. I’d like to start with the fact that Jessica has very clearly considered her birth and worked to integrate this experience into herself, her role as a mother and her life as a whole. My friends, this is critical. We talk about this inside of The HBC- the fact that truthfully, it matters less what the events ARE than it does how we INTEGRATE them. Jessica has considered her birth, noted how things unfolded, used her experiences to shape future decisions in motherhood and grown tremendously. This, in my opinion, is the definition of succes.
  2. I want to talk about a concept that I really love to flesh out inside of The HBC- this idea of instinct over instruction. When Jessica was shaking her belly and thighs through her waves… WOW. How powerful was this?! This was such a beautiful example of primal movement and intuitive knowing. Her body knew exactly what she needed to do to relax, and chances are it was even deeper than that- her body knew exactly how she needed to move to properly position and align her baby for birth. Our bodies aren’t acting randomly. There is purpose to what they are inclined to do– our biggest task? Get out of the freaking way. Get out of your thinking brain and let your feeling brain kick in. Jessica had to intentionally decide that she was going to continue to do what worked for her– even in front of her birth team. THAT was the right decision. I love that she shared with this how she realized she was at a crossroads, and she made the decision that was most supportive of her labor, even if it felt awkward the first time she did it.
  3. And now- let’s chat about what happens when instruction overrides our instinct. Jessica knew that the birthing process would be a time when her brain would be susceptible to outside opinions and instruction, and she learned firsthand how this could unfold. Despite her preparedness to listen to her body and follow her intuition when it came to all aspects of birth, particularly pushing and releasing the baby, she also felt a desire to go along with her midwife’s instructions at the end. My friends, I am certainly not questioning the well-meaningness of this care provider, but I do have to remind you that NOBODY is in your body like you are. The reality is that many mothers are NOT as connected and intuitive during birth, because they haven’t taken time to reconnect to the primal mother that they are– but when you HAVE… oh my goodness. Your body knows what to do- your job is to surrender. Instinct over instruction.
  4. Talk about Surrender

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