Ep 251: A Deeper Understanding of the Transformative Power of Birth with Karey Hoffmann

How can we lean into the primal nature of birth and experience it as the full right of passage that it was designed to be?
Today we’re speaking with Karey, a stay-at-home, soon to be homeschooling mom of three. In this episode, we’ll uncover the work that Karey did, particularly between her second and third birth, that led to a deeper understanding of the transformative power that birth holds for those who seek.
Episode Roundup

  1. We talk about communication being extremely important, and Karey’s story truly highlighted this. She and her husband Matthew truly spent time before their third birth working on communicating with one another about their hopes and desires of the event. This so clearly paid off in their experience together, and this birth was an extremely magnetizing event- pulling them even closer together.
  2. I love how Karey brought up this concept of the sanitization and sterilization of birth. You know, in the medical world, it seems as though the goal is to totally subdue the experience of birth. To pretend that #1, nothing can go wrong when in the hospital (which, of course we know isn’t realtiy) but also to #2 prevent mothers from feeling…from EXPRESSING. Birth is meant to be expressive for goodness sake. But because of the way society has repressed this from mothers for so long, it often times takes deep exploration before birth to feel comfortable with this in the moment.
  3. And finally, there is so much power in our perspective. After her extremely in tense car birth at 70 miles per hour, Karey was left feeling uncertain about her experience. Between working with The Birth Story Doula and unpacking her feelings even further inside of the HBC, Karey is now able to look back on those events with a totally different perspective. And she was able to enter her third birth with an open mind and the feeling that this birth was going to be beautiful- and it sure was!

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