Ep 254: From Interventions to Undisturbed with Bree Darby

Has your perception of an event ever changed after a period of time? If so, how did that impact your future decision-making?
And today we’re speaking with Bree Darby. Bree is a mama of two girls, 4 years and 3 months, and a bonus mom of one boy, 11. She is a working/stay-at-home mom in the suburbs of Philadelphia who spends her time outside of work exercising, enjoying the outdoors, or spending time with her family. After a hospital birth filled with interventions, she was determined to have the un-disturbed, unmedicated birth she longed for with her first, and she knew that homebirth was the way to go. Throughout pregnancy, Bree overcame the struggle of harnessing her power to overcome the fear of homebirth through education and exercise. 
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Episode Roundup:
How cool was that? Hearing mothers gain education and make new choices never gets old to me! As we head into this week’s episode roundup, one big thought is coming to my mind:
Sometimes our perception of an experience may change with time. When Bree had her first daughter, she didn’t consider her care to be anything but normal. However, as time passed and she gained education, she realized that there were aspects of her care that she no longer appreciated. If this is you, I want to remind you that this is totally okay. AND… we have the option to gain new information, recognize that we would do things differently next time, and yet not condemn ourselves for previous decisions or think “wow, if only I had done xyz instead…” We are all learning and growing, and as we do that, our opinions and choices may change. Let’s embrace that and move forward with confidence, just like Bree.

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