Ep 259: Responsive Sleep for You and Your Baby with Taylor Kulik

Sleeping with your baby– we’ve probably all done it once or twice, but is it actually safe?
This week we’re speaking with Taylor Kulik. Taylor is an occupational therapist and holistic sleep and parenting educator who developed a passion for helping new mothers overcome their sleep-related fears and helping them get back to trusting in their intuition. She provides radical re-education about how babies and children should sleep, and offers holistic and responsive sleep support to parents who do not want to sleep train.
I know the topic of sleep can feel extremely sensitive to many, so know that this information is provided with love and respect, and it’s given as an option for those who want or need it.
Please remember the opinions of my guest may not necessarily reflect my own and vice versa, and this show is not medical advice– it’s an educational tool– so continue to take empowered responsibility for your health and your family.
Episode Roundup

  1. Our communities are no longer designed in a way that is supportive to childrearing as a whole, truly. We’re extremely silo’d and so unbelievably busy. On top of this, mothers are inundated with the message that they can have it all and they can do it all. They can lose the baby weight, sleep all night, work all day and come home and take care of their home and babies with love and compassion. This just isn’t realistic. When we realize that we’ve been fed a lie, we can slowly begin to untangle ourselves from it, step by step. One of the best first steps that we may be able to make is reconsidering how we view infant sleep, as Taylor shared.
  2. The lack of safety in sleeping with our babies comes with not being provided information on how to do it. There is, however, information out there to help you respond to your baby’s nighttime needs, while also supporting your ability to get more rest, too. Taylor is doing a phenomenal job of sharing this information.
  3. And finally, let’s remember that we are our child’s regulator. We get to be our child’s regulator– their safe, snuggly, trusted space. If we can approach this with the perspective that this not a curse, but a gift– we can enjoy these young years, acknowledge that there will sometimes be struggle… there will sometimes be difficulty, give ourselves and our babies grace.

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