Ep 00: An Introduction to Happy Homebirth

In this episode, you’ll be hearing from your host (that’s me!), Katelyn Fusco.  I’ll be giving you the gist of what Happy Homebirth is, where it’s headed, and well, who the heck you’re listening to.

  • I am a mother of one toddler, with one baby on the way (due June 2019)
  • I was a student midwife and trained under two incredible midwives
  • Toddlerhood is hard (my girl is very spunky), so I’m on a hiatus from attending births
  • I consider myself a homebirth advocate, though I’m rather confident I made up the term
  • I would love your feedback: email me at katelyn@myhappyhomebirth.com to set up an interview or with any recommendations
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