Ep 01: Katelyn’s Very Slow, Then Very Fast Labor

In this episode, I share my personal birth story.  It’s a solo-sode, so if you’d like to hear an interview, head on to the next show featuring Neely’s story.  

  • I had attended a Spinning Babies workshop days before going into labor that discussed shoulder dystocia… and became somewhat convinced that my baby would have a dystocia
  • I wanted my birth to be a party, so I had my midwives arrive in their pajamas and robes.
  • My uterus decided it wanted no audience, and my contractions were very unproductive
  • I finally got into the birth pool, which basically stopped my contractions
  • The next morning I went to my chiropractor, who tried to get my baby (Janie) in a better position…. I experienced “cartractions” the entire 40 minute ride to and fro
  • I took a nap with my husband from 3pm-6pm
  • At 6 I decided to go crazy on the birth ball to get the baby out (finally entered active labor)
  • Went through transition in my garden tub full of cold water, that I kept accidentally draining
  • -Finally moved to the birth pool, where I went from 8 1/2 cm to crowning in a few short minutes
  • I had a “short term lotus birth,” where we kept the placenta attached until it was born
  • We had a cord burning ceremony
  • We then got in bed, ate eggs and toast, drank mimosas and celebrated our new little one!

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