Ep 04: Hailey’s Transition From Hospital Birth to Homebirth

Hailey Mugica Show Notes:

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    • Hailey’s first two births were traditional hospital medicated births


    • Her sister planned to have a homebirth for her first baby, which Hailey thought was crazy, but then she watched The Business of Being Born, read some of Ina May’s Books and decided she wanted a homebirth, too!


    •  She says that the prenatal experience between her OB and Midwife were not even comparable.


    • Her midwife came to her for home visits, discussed nutrition and exercise, and diagnosed anemia, which Hailey feels confident she had during her first two pregnancies and was missed.


    • She feels she received far more detail and attention from her midwife.


    • She remembered Ina May’s words of “you’re going to get huge” during her labor, and it was very helpful.


    • Hailey was 41+ weeks and worried she would not be able to have her homebirth because she wasn’t seeming like she would be going into labor soon.


    • She decided to pump, and after 20 minutes, she was having contractions that were 45 seconds long and less than 2 minutes apart.


    •  Hailey saw a chiropractor the day before labor began, and she attributes her fast birth to that.  Before the adjustment, she could feel that her baby was ill-positioned in her right hip, and then labor began the next day.


    • Her birth went so smoothly, and she felt incredible about her decision to have a homebirth.


    • Hailey felt incredibly supported by her midwife postpartum: On day 5 her midwife came back and set up an herbal bath for Hailey and her baby and even took photos for them.


    • With her medicated births, she felt like something that had happened to her.  With her homebirth, she felt like she was covering from something that she did.


    • Hailey’s mom took her other two sons out for dinner, and when they returned, the baby was already born.


    • Katelyn and Hailey discuss the benefits of not finding out the gender before the birth:  You get double the presents, and people buy you good gifts from your registry because “nobody wants to buy a gray onesie.”


    • Hailey’s recommendation for a mom considering homebirth:  It’s not a flippant decision.  Do your research, and as long as you have a solid ‘why’ behind your decision, you can do anything.


    She and her husband opted not to tell anyone who they thought might not support a homebirth.
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